About the comic ♜

Aarrevaara is a webcomic by tiim HaT about calm Geir and cheerful Teri who just want to enjoy each others' company. But various boogie pickers stick their nose in Geir&Teri's business. Geir's vampire side also spices things up.

The idea of 'Aarrevaara' is to tell a bit different (vampire) story. There are already many stories with independent and a bit rebellious teens falling in love, partying and taking first steps and jumps to adulthood. We wanted to approach the subject from a little different point of view. And we hope we'll manage to do that.
Since we began 'Aarrevaara' in the beginning of year 2013, both the drawing and story-telling skills have developed since then (haven't they?? haha...). There are some parts which we'd now tell differently, but yet we find them quite good and working solutions.


About tiim Hat

tiim HaT is a artist duo consisting of haitchu and tardelia. We used to draw the comic traditionally, with pencil and ink and a light table, but decided to switch to digital since tardelia couldn't see properly the pencil sketch with light table. We still do the sketch and drawing with pencil, but we do the inking digitally with wacom drawing tablets and  MediBang Paint Pro.

We are both non-native english speakers but fortunately we got help

Special thanks to

Ordinaryaverageguy for proofreading and grammar checking the comic!
Espeon Person for proofreading and grammar checking chapters 1-12 & 38-40!
Nyomi for proofreading and grammar checking chapter 6!