Fanart ✎

Here you can find some awesome Aarrevaara-fanart and links to their creators' social media! Feel free to check them out!

Teri and Jesse
by TenguHarley

by TenguHarley

by TenguHarley

by TenguHarley

Teri, Jesse, Kara, Geir and Camille can be spotted in
TenguHarley's comic "Revenants and the Child of Autumn" on several pages! How awesome is that!? :D

Gorgeous Kara
by Tired Programmer

How Essi sees Jesse ^^
by Stardust Clearwater

Himmelgård cousins
by Shei

Chibi Kara
by KoreanTacos

The clothes peg task scene
by Jenna_A

Geir being his usual self
by BobbyjoeX